Microsoft Netlogon Vulnerability — Detection & Remediation



When consulting our open sources for potentially vulnerable devices worldwide, we’re still seeing a high volume of public facing devices that are not patched.

Speaking with industry partners, we recognise that patching isn’t just as simple as applying a patch. We need visibility, a risk and the right tooling & people.

Netlogon is a high risk vulnerability that impacts Microsoft domain controllers… what does this mean for you? Your organisation, if unpatched, could be compromised already.

Detection with a Vanguard Compromise Assessment

Vanguard Cyber Security offer a cutting edge, cloud based compromise assessment platform. We deploy agents to your organisations devices and perform a full compromise assessment which results in a report at the end for your consumption.

This service not only detects the Netlogon vulnerability, but also policy based issues such as misconfigurations and software against the organisations policy.

You will benefit from a proactive discovery of risks, enabling you to move forward with managing those.

The path to Remediation

We pair you with a one to one consultant who can help advise on remediation efforts, risk management and developing the necessary processes to meet your goals following the report.

The output of the compromise assessment’s main aim is to remediate your vulnerabilities, the path to that remediation will springboard your organisations cyber security maturity by relieving technical debt and introducing you to industry best practice.

Getting Started

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