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Purchasing Decisions

Before Starting

If you want to automate the deployment of the tooling here…

  • Set your execution policy to unrestricted
  • Use a test…




When consulting our open sources for potentially vulnerable devices worldwide, we’re still seeing a high volume of public facing devices that are not patched.

Credit: https://dribbble.com/shots/6720826-Hacking-scene-Mr-Robot-Back

  • Restore the host if anything suspicious occurs.
  • Keep up with patches on the virtualisation software, zero days are a thing.

Static analysis lab build

FlareVM — Windows Based lab by FireEye — Tutorial on how to install here

Dynamic analysis lab

Hardened version of Ubuntu required as…



Malware written in GoLang

GoLang based malware has been known to spike since the beginning of 2019 and poses a big threat to even experienced Malware Analysts. There are over 53 known malware families known using this language and it is very flexible. Read about it here: https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com/the-gopher-in-the-room-analysis-of-golang-malware-in-the-wild/

Static Analysis in REMnux

Malwology wrote this article (He’s a…


Malware Analysis Series

You’ll see multiple articles numbered “MA-X”, for example “MA-01 — Emerging Malware Analysis News/Intel”, I recommend you read them sequentially if you’re new. You can refer to the series as a handbook.

Malware analysis methodology

These are going to be questions that you want to answer when…

Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/11988083-Server-Icons


In a landscape where we see odd traffic all the time in networks, pulling PCAP’s and remembering your Wireshark expressions can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare… That never ending list in your notes of expressions.


Twitter: @mikecybersec

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